Camera Tips and Tricks

[two_thirds]So I recently discovered an awesome technique that I thought was long gone, since the proliferation of digital cameras and dying art of b/w film cameras.

Multiple exposure is a fun technique that I used to full around with when I first started shooting about 8 years ago using my hand-me-down film camera.

But lo and behold there’s hope yet. Go into your camera settings Shooting Mode there you will have an option for multiple exposures, which you can change between 2-3 exposures and you have to turn on each time before you shoot.

The Multiple Exposure mode can be combined with the Interval timer function to automatically capture all the shots and can also be used with a wireless remote.[/two_thirds]

So Christoffer Relander, a Finnish photographer, created these beautiful images of multiple exposures. All of the images you see here are created in-camera, and can be found on Juxtapoz Magazine.

Relander sure as hell experimented a lot to get these magnificent shots. I did the same, fooling around with exposures and setting before each exposure. The best I could come up with after 20 or so minutes was the image you see below. The trick as I discovered is to take the first exposure of the plants against a blank surface (sky/backdrop), then rotate the camera and take the second exposure of your subject. This will give that super clean cutout effect where the leaves make up the lower half of the frame.

In my image I simply messed around with color correction and burning and dodging as Relander suggested on his blog. To learn how to do multiple exposures with Canon cameras you should read your manuals or simply visit Canon’s site.

This is an experiment with multiple exposures inspired by a Juxtapoz Magazine article on Finnish photographer Christoffer Relander.